As a first step, a project manager is assigned for every new client; who acts as the main point of contact for handling the new client’s needs, including FTP set-up, aiding with collaboration tools, understanding project requirements and producing project detail list and man-hours estimates. In the next step, both parties enter into a Service Agreement with a mutually agreed upon project completion milestone and schedule.


Communication is key to timely project delivery and it must be maintained both ways. I-Solutions offers multiple options for communicating with clients, such as email, FTP, web conferencing, telephone, instant messaging, face-to-face meetings etc., I-Solutions will work with their clients to identify the best options, that works for both parties, to communicate effectively with each other throughout the project period. I-Solutions stresses on maintaining a single point of contact, on both sides, to ensure timely and effective accessibility for communication, especially during the early phases of the project, and throughout the entire project period, to avoid miscommunication.

Quality Control

The key to quality delivery is gaining thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and adhering to stringent quality processes to ensure:

  • Incorporating every single feedback provided by the client
  • Maintaining and cater to client’s standards such as layering, detailing, text height, dimensioning styles, etc.
  • Providing consistency of work and design intent across the project
  • Completing the project on schedule, by setting up regular quality review check points in the project life cycle.