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Our Divisions

At I-Solutions, our four divisions work in synergy to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions that empower our clients to achieve their goals.
Through our expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated
to being the trusted partner for organizations seeking technological transformation and success.

Consultancy and Project Management

Integrated Solutions' Consultancy and Project Management division provides tailored solutions for clients, specializing in technology implementation, process optimization, and strategic decision-making. Our seasoned experts offer IT strategy development, business process analysis, and project management services. We understand our clients' goals, industry dynamics, and emerging trends, collaborating closely to identify challenges, develop innovative strategies, and execute projects with precision. From streamlining operations to implementing transformative technologies, our division delivers exceptional results.

Banking and Payments Automation

As a leader in the fin-tech industry of Nepal, our Banking and Payments Automation division revolutionizes financial institutions with tailored automation solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we enhance efficiency, security, and customer experience. Understanding the banking landscape, regulations, and emerging payment trends, we collaborate closely to identify pain points and deliver innovative solutions. From secure payment gateways to optimizing payment processing, we keep financial institutions ahead in technologically while meeting evolving customer needs.

Network and Cybersecurity

In an interconnected world, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring network security is vital. Integrated Solutions' Network and Cybersecurity division offers comprehensive solutions to protect clients' digital assets and maintain network integrity. Our certified professionals specialize in network design, implementation, optimization, and advanced cybersecurity. We deploy cutting-edge technologies for threat assessments, vulnerability management, and intrusion prevention. Collaborating closely, we design robust architectures, implement secure access controls, and develop incident response plans. Through proactive monitoring, we provide peace of mind, safeguarding ou clients from evolving cyber threats.


Our Hardware division delivers reliable and innovative solutions for clients' technology infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading products tailored to specific needs. From check scanners to mobile-POS machines, we source high-quality devices, prioritizing reliability, performance, and scalability. With expertise and strategic partnerships, we enhance technological capabilities to drive business growth. With our expertise and strategic partnerships, we assist organizations in selecting and implementing the right hardware solutions to enhance their technological capabilities.

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